Services Offered

AB Autolocks provide a range of services, wherever you are:

Non-Destructive Vehicle Entry
This is used to gain entry to the vehicle, the method used will vary dependent on whether the keys are locked inside and other factors, such as whether the vehicle is deadlocked. The majority of the time this is done is to get keys from the boot, most modern cars will be deadlocked if you press the boot release button and then put the keys in the boot and so simply pulling the handle of lock button will not open the car, these locks need a working key or for me to pick the locks. (Lock picking is non-destructive)

Broken Key Removal
If you have broken a key in the lock then we will remove the remnants of the key before producing a replacement. This tends to occur in cars where the remote is being used rather than the door locks, due to lack of use there tends to be dirt builds up inside the lock that seizes the mechanism and then when the remote runs flat and the key is used, too much force is used and the key is bent and snaps. Once a key has been bent once it is only a matter of time before it will snap as the bend (even if restraightened) is a weak point in the key. Certain keys tend to be more prone to snapping than others, Edge cut keys are the most common as if you look at the key there is usually a cut that is very deep and leaves little metal of the key. We can usually extract a key fairly quickly and use the parts of the key to make a new key, but if you have an intact key it is always better to make a new key from an undamaged key.

Key Manufacturing
If the key is lost/stolen or broken we will manufacture a new key to operate your vehicle, dependent on the situation/customers choice we may change/rekey the locks. To manufacture a new key if there is a lost key we would need either a working key, a car pass (supplied with some new vehicles) or to pick the locks. Then we cut the key in the back of the van and would connect to the car to program the keys into the car. Almost all cars produced after 2000 are chipped keys, a non-chipped key will not start the engine. In most cases there are three options for a key that can be made; a door key (non-chipped, only for opening the door), a chipped non-remote key (will start engine but will not work the remote locking, some vehicles need the remote to disable the alarm/immobiliser) or a remote key.

Key Duplication
If you have a key already but simply want a spare this can be manufactured, we will need your key and your car to do this. (If you have any additional keys please have them with you as certain vehicles require all the keys to program in the additional and if it is not present it may not function once the new keys are made).

Dash Camera Installation
We can offer to supply and install Dashboard Cameras for recording your journey. These can be useful for you to prove who is at fault if you are involved in an accident. They are mounted to the windscreen and switch on and off automatically with the vehicle, once they are installed the only time you should need to do anything is if you want to review the footage. The camera’s supplied will automatically record until the memory card is full and then will overwrite the oldest footage first. They are easy to transfer between cars if you drive multiple vehicles (please advise that you would like multiple vehicles to be equipped as a base will need to be installed and wired), have GPS (so you can see the speed you are doing along with your location on a map when reviewing footage), have a G-Sensor (detects sharp impacts such as a crash and then protects that footage from being overwritten automatically) and have a good daytime and nighttime image. If you would be interested to learn more please contact us for a quote.

Reverse Parking Sensor/Camera Installation
If you have bought a car and it doesn’t have parking sensors/camera but you would like to have them on your vehicle then we can provide a system to suit your needs. The systems we provide are aftermarket and so do not connect to existing parking systems that may be in your vehicle, if you require that functionality you would need to contact a dealer. The reverse sensor systems we provide can have just a reversing beeper, or a small display with distance to the object and a bar showing if you are very close on either side of the vehicle. The reverse camera systems we provide would have a small display in the vicinity of the dashboard to to show the camera, (if you have a compatible stereo display we may be able to use that to show the camera). We can also offer systems with both cameras and sensors. The sensors come in a range of colours that will approximate a variety of car colours, or for an additional fee paint matched sensors can be supplied that will be indistinguishable from the colour of the car. Please contact us for a quote.

We can offer these services for most brands/models of vehicle. We will check with you before booking a service, and in the unlikely event that we cannot assist you, we will provide the best possible advice to suit your requirements.